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DiPP offers a broad spectrum of technological, legal and organisational frameworks and tools for the information management in science and humanities.

The following list provides an overview of the spectrum of services that can be customized for different target groups. You will find additional information in the section Technical.

Hosting and archiving

  • atribution of a "persistent Identifier" to primary publications - URN (W3C)
  • powerful and secure hardware
  • solid repository - FEDORA
  • open archival format - XML, Docbook
  • preparation for long-term access and archiving - Nestor / Kopal

Production system

  • easy editing of WWW-Pages - Plone (WYSIWYG)
  • individual homepage layout (see eJournals)
  • automatic article conversion with stylesheets - RTF/LaTeX ->XML <- HTML/PDF
  • advanced news and messaging functions  - email Lists / RSS-Feeds


  • automated licence management -  integration in metadata und articles
  • author retains rights
  • Digital Peer Publishing Lizenz – ‚construction kit‘ for variable affordances


  • indexing services for search engines and databases - e.g. ISSN, DOAJ, OAISTER, SCHOLAR-GOOGLE
  • automatic notification for data and articles - via OAI-PMH / eMail-Alert
  • customizable forms for metadata, also advanced, qualified and disciplinary - DC, DDC, PACS etc.
  • bibliografic exact indexing and retrieval
  • optimized full text search through HTML-presentation of articles
  • tools for detailed usage statistics and article based analysis  - AWstats, custom PERL-Scripts

Review system GAPworks

  • easy forms for authors, referees and editors
  • choice of workflows - Blind, Double-Blind etc.
  • automated transfer of accepted articles to production system

Knowledge Exchange

  • steady exchange between teams and editorial offices  - Workshops, Mailings, WIKI

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