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Digital Peer Publishing Licence

A key element of Digital Peer Publishing NRW is a licence committed to Open Access. eJournals within the initiative can use the Digital Peer Publishing Licence developed in co-operation with the Institute for legal issued of free and open resources ifross. DPPL is designed for scholarly content because it covers aspects of authenticity, citation, bibliographic data and metadata, permanent access and open formats. The licence complies to national law, is internationally applicable and covers three modules; licensing is free of charge.

The basic module subjects all documents covered to be read and distributed unchanged by everybody or accessed for downloading. There is no distinction made between scientific or commercial use. Because of the document to be delivered only in electronic format under this licence, all rights concerning a printed version or a version on storage media are not covered. Thus electronic distribution is promoted. On the other hand, the bearer of the rights still has the option to contract with a publisher other versions of his work for commercial distribution, if desired.

The extended modules of the license are designed for share and reuse of published material. The "modular DPPL" and the "free DPPL" allow users changing published material and contain arrangements how to properly cite if changes were made. In the modular DPPL, only those changes may be performed by recipients that are specifically earmarked. This makes possible, for example, that texts are fixed while images might be changed. In the free DPPL, anything in the publication may be changed (under the terms of the license).

Format DPPL modular DPPL free DPPL FAQs
Version 1 HTML german german german
PDF german german german
Version 2 HTML german english

PDF german english

Version 3
HTML german english german english german english german
PDF german english german english german english german

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